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That old question “What does a woman want” is often repeated because many women were not taught to talk about their desires. Unfortunately, female sexual desire has been suppressed for a long time and has only recently emerged as a subject. Still, women who express their wishes are sometimes rejected by many sectors of society. So we frequently see women in relationships or jobs that do not fullfill them, because they were taught to accept and be silent, instead of defining their own boundaries and express their own desires.

Somatic Sex Education assists women in finding a place where they will find what they want, free of judgment  or guilt. The freedom to find your own body and sexuality free of restraints, learning to love themselves without being co-dependent on somebody else. It can help women who:
- Feel unwanted pain during sexual activity.
- Never have been able to experience an orgasm.
- Would like to experience more pleasure during sex.
- Would like to explore other possibilities for their bodies (orgasms, G-spot)
- Wish to understand how certain bodily states, habits and past experiences (birth control, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and hormonal therapy) alter your sexual desire and what can be done about it.
- Wish to learn about the various stages of their sexual excitement from the beginning of arousal up to orgasm and learn how to remove any obstacles that may appear in the way.
- Wish to to overcome fear and other obstacles that may exist to try “alternative” sexual practices  as BDSM, anal sex, among others.

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