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Men in contemporary society face a unique challenge on how to position themselves about their sexuality.

Often, men put much of their self-respect dependent on their sexual ability. This can cause excessive anxiety, obligation to act in a certain way, fear of failure, which produces the opposite of the what we expect in a sexual setting: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, inability to make healthy decisions about sex, difficulty in relating to other people.

Somatic sex education can help you:
- Cultivate the ability to feel pleasure throughout your body
- Discover other ways to orgasm that do not involve ejaculation.
- Go beyond the notion that the penis is the focus of all your sexual activity.
- Get rid of a vicious cycle of pornography consumption.
- Better understand your arousal and the arousal of your partner during sex, tuning your ability of erotic perception.
- Explore your entire body as an erotic possibility, including practices that are taboo, such as anal sex or BDSM.

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