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What is it?

Somatic Sex Education/Sexological Bodywork is a new kind of sex education, a student-oriented education that focus on the body. Somatic Sex Educators are trained to offer tools that allow the students to achieve altered states of consciousness. The experiences that arise are often profound and transformative.

In our chaotic daily lives, it is not uncommon to forget to devote some time to our bodies and our sexuality. Over time, this forms sexual habits that limit the amount of pleasure we can feel and condition us to reach orgasm in specific ways. Furthermore, the constant search for a leaner, stronger, perfect body makes us often ignore the pleasurable sensations that we are able to have here and now.

Some common reasons for practicing Somatic Sex Education *:
- Premature Ejaculation
- Erectile Dysfunction
- Inability to orgasm
- Relief from Pelvic Pain
- Couples who want to enhance their sex life
- Learning to give and receive pleasure.
- Reclaiming the full functioning of your sexuality after childbirth, genital, pelvic or breast surgery.
- Accepting the pleasure of your body, gender and sexuality.
- Understanding how anal pleasure works and its possibilities.
Somatic Sex Education is experiential, ie, it works through the lived experience of the student’s body. By experiencing the states and learning how to access them in a simple way, the student is able to make changes in their patterns of arousal, or even discover new sources of pleasure and excitement.
It is possible, through conscious practice through time, to change your neurological structure so it opens up to more and more pleasure in your life, leading you to experience your body in a way you never thought was possible.
To be able to feel all that your body offers is your birthright, your fundamental heritage as a human being. Reclaim it.

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