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What does Somatic Sex Education looks like?

The session is shaped according to the needs of the student. What we do as educators is listen to the desires of the student and create a safe space so they can express those desires. After identifying what are the client’s needs, we organize a structure of sessions stemming from the intentions expressed and from how can we work together so that they become real in the student’s emotional and erotic life. A session may include breathwork, coaching, massage, scar tissue remediation, among other techniques. I also offer long-distance education in through online seminars and individual sessions by phone.
In sessions in which there is touch administered by the bodyworker, I use vinyl gloves and high quality organic oils for massage. Touch is one-direction, from the professional to the student, and the professional remains clothed throughout the session. The goal here is to support the growth of the student and help them to understand their own sexuality, not to create a moment of interpersonal intimacy for mutual gratification.

What are the benefits of Somatic Sex Education?

Somatic Sex Education is useful for people of any gender or sexual orientation who are experiencing some difficulty in their sex life or who wish to expand their capacity for pleasure. A Somatic Sex Educator can help:

- Men who experience erectile dysfunction problems or premature ejaculation.

- Women who can not achieve orgasm or sexual excitement.

- People who feel physical pain during intercourse.

- People who want to explore different forms of sensual and sexual pleasure.

- Couples who want to learn how to deal with sexual differences or discover new possibilities.

- People who are transitioning though genders and would like support to explore their sexuality in their genital configurations.

Somatic sex education creates opportunities for student’s sexuality to flourish in a safe space, free of judgment or external pressures. Through the practice of receiving touch touch, coaching, conscious breathing and other techniques, you will learn how to talk with your erotic self and express your innermost desires.

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